apv-nativeoscheck : ApVSys administration utility

      Copyright (C) 2002 Arnaud BERTRAND
      web-site: http://www.apvsys.org




apv-nativeoscheck enables the administrator to register as default the commands registered for tools but also existing as native command in the installed operating system.

Note: This command reports the commands to register but DOES NOT perform the registration if the ``-P'' option is not specified!


apv-nativeoscheck -t tool [ -P -L username]


-P, --perform
Performs really the operations. Without this option, the actions to perform are only reported to the screen but ARE NOT really performed.

-L, --login username
This option is mandatory (for logging purpose) to keep log of who changed what.

-d, --directory file
specifies the file containing the binaries directories list. This file contains one path per line. All the commands contained in these directories are checked as native O.S. commands.

If this option is not specified, the default file is TOOLPATH/etc/NativeOS_BinDirList.cfg

-e, --exception file
specifies an exception file: each line of this exception file contains a command (one command/line) All these commands are ignored by the check.

If this option is not specified, the default file is TOOLPATH/etc/NativeOS_ExceptionList.cfg

-t, --tool-name toolname
Limits the check action to specific tools. This option can be specified several times.

-h, --help
print a short help message


 > apv-nativeoscheck -t all -R


apvsys-intro(1) ap-environment(1) apv(1) apv-linktool(1) apv-regtool(1) apv-setdefault(1) apv-osmirror(1) apv-nativeoscheck(1) apv-dbcheck(1) apv-lib(1) apv-xcheck(1)