apv-dbcheck : ApVSys administration utility

      Copyright (C) 2002 Arnaud BERTRAND
      web-site: http://www.apvsys.org




To enables the ApVSys administrator to check and to clean-up the database when a tool was removed before it was unregistered.


apv-dbcheck [-xCh ] [ -t tool ] [ -L loginname ]


-C, --clean-up
Without this option, the bad entries are only reported to the screen but ARE NOT removed. To really clean-up the database, the -C option must be used.

-L, --login username
This option is mandatory when the clean-up must be done. (for logging purpose) to keep log of who changed what.

-x, --executable
By default, the check will be performed only at version level: apv-dbcheck checks if the versions specified in the ApvSys database still exists(but does not check the binaries themself). But with this option, it checks also if the binaries still exist in CHOSENTOOL/bin and are executable.

WARNING: if some binaries are link to clearcase stuff a view MUST be set. If not, some binaries could be erronously reported (and removed from the database if -C is used).

-t, --tool-name toolname
Limits the check/clean-up action to a specific tool

-h, --help
print a short help message


 > apv-dbcheck
 > apv-dbcheck -xt gcc

To perform the db clean-up: > apv-dbcheck -C -L user1


apvsys-intro(1) ap-environment(1) apv(1) apv-linktool(1) apv-regtool(1) apv-setdefault(1) apv-osmirror(1) apv-nativeoscheck(1) apv-dbcheck(1) apv-lib(1) apv-xcheck(1)